It’s finally here!

The Hungarian Album is finally here!

It was a slow birth, but it is finally here! And I’m very excited and at the same time very nervous about it. 🙂 I know you guys have been waiting for quite some time and I am grateful for your constant sustaining and emotional support! I hope it was worth the wait. 🙂

You know the hardest part for me in making these albums is my lack of confidence. I don’t see myself as you see me. Neither do I hear what you hear when you listen to my music. And it is very hard for me to believe that anyone would actually like what I do. Having hardly any feedback makes it even more difficult. I’m not sure you know, but I hardly ever find out if my music does any good. That makes it even more difficult to believe in myself and go on.

But I know this is what the Lord expects me to do, so I will go on, even if sometimes I do have very serious conversations with Him about that. 😀

Anyway, if you don’t mind, I’d sure be happy to hear your stories about how this music has helped you, if it did.

With that being said, I’ll leave you to the listening part. 🙂 Check out the full album here!

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