Concert Topics

Concerts are a full hour of uninterrupted music.
Would you like to know what concert topics you may choose from? This page lists all the topics available thus far. But if you don’t find the one you’re looking for, you may choose your own topic that best suits your audience’s needs.

Jesus Christ
Find out who Christ is, why He came to earth, what He did while He was here and why He suffered and died willingly for us in this hour long concert about His life, atonement, death and resurrection.

The Redeemer
An epic concert about Jesus Christ, detailing His role as our Lord and Redeemer. This concert is packed with powerful, monumental songs about the Savior, His role and His divinity. A powerful concert about what His role implies and why we ought to revere Him.

He Is Risen
An Easter concert filled with songs about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s atonement and resurrection.

Christmas Is about Christ
Learn how to focus on Christ during Christmas instead of the commotion of the season, through this hour of uplifting music about Christ and the celebration of His birth. Christmas is about Christ.

An hour of Christ centered Christmas music.

An hour of Christ centered music about the atonement and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Choose your own topic
Haven’t found what you’re looking for in the topics above? Then choose your own topic that best suits the needs of your audience. Let Izabela know at least a month in advance and she will bring you a concert specifically tailored to your needs.

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