Why I Do This

Why I do this: My goal is to bring people to Christ through my music. To spread His light. To bring His comfort. To proclaim Him. I think that for this it is very important to bring this music to people in their own language. I’ve had several songs that have helped me through difficult times (I might have a song for each of those actually). The Spirit that these songs bring through the music and most especially the lyrics is what made them my go to songs in those different situations. I’d like people to have access to those same experiences, and I believe that that can only be achieved by actually fully understanding the lyrics, so they can speak to us. We can find comfort in the arms of Christ through inspired music. I don’t think I have words to describe everything I feel, but one for sure is that I feel that this is my calling from God. I do this for Him and because of Him, because He told me to do so. And I pray that it will reach as many people as possible, so they can find out about Him and about how much He loves them! And how He is the answer to everything!

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