Charity/Humanitarian Events

Izabela is very involved in Humanitarian work, always seeking for ways to help others, to bring relief and build self esteem. She is happy to come and sing for a worthy cause, whether you need a full concert or just one song.

Charity/Humanitarian Events Topic List

We Can Do More

We are all children of God. We are different but that makes us special. No one else can take our place and no one else can do the things that we are meant to do. And we have so much to do. And we can always do more. “There are lives to brighten, There are hearts touch. There are souls to save. Ours is the sacred privilege to brighten, to touch, and to save those precious souls entrusted to our care.” (Thomas S. Monson) So get up and do, because there is always more that we can do. Find the one that needs your help and love, is the inspired message of this heartwarming, uplifting and encouraging musical fireside.

The Power of Love

Love is the balm of Gilead. The ointment to every wound. Be it spiritual or physical. Love heals. There is no greater power on Earth than love. Love is the essence of our beings, of our lives, of God and of creation itself. Love should be every fiber of our being. This is the essence of the Power of Love fireside.

Let Us Be True Disciples of Jesus Christ

Service is the trait of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. But who is Jesus Christ and what does it mean to be His true disciple? Sometimes one song is enough to answer a question, and than you need several other songs to expand on each principle taught by that one song. You are cordially invited to come and find out for yourself during this 75 minute fireside filled with music that teaches us about these principles, how easy it actually is to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and serve our fellow men and women.

Peace in Christ

“There is peace in Christ, when we turn to Him, feel the love He had for us when He bore our sins. Listen to His words. Let them come alive. If we live the way He did, there is peace in Christ. He gives us hope when hope is gone. He gives us strength when we can’t go on. He gives us shelter in the storms of life. When there’s no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ.” We can always find peace in Christ regardless of the storm we are facing. He is always there to lift us up and carry us until we can stand on our own two feet again. He is the source of true and lasting peace. The only source. So come unto Him and find peace.


An hour of Christ centered Christmas music.


An hour of Christ centered music about His atonement and His resurrection.

Choose your own topic

Haven’t found what you looking for in the topics above? Then choose your own topic that best suits the needs of your audience. Let Izabela know at least a month in advance and she will bring you the musical fireside or concert that you requested, specifically tailored to your needs.


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